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La Hostería

Arequipa is a place of exceptional beauty, it offers true cultural and natural treasures.  La Hostería invites you to discover each corner by doing different activities,
Check our proposals and choose the one that best suits you.

Colca Valley

Here you can see hot springs, colonial bridges, waterfalls, archaeological sites, rock art sites, snowy mountains, lagoons, flora, fauna and much more in the land of the Cabanas and Collaguas civilizations. They live in harmony with their environment, maintaining their ancestral customs and respect for the Pachamama.

Chivay-Thermal Springs

Chivay is the largest town in the Colca Valley. Hotels and restaurants offer their services. Close to Chivay are the natural thermal springs. Approximately 600 years ago the Incas used these waters to cure skin problems thanks to the green sulfur they have. A simple but ingenious channel system takes water from 72 ° C to huge pools with 38 ° C. Swimming in these waters is a relaxing and highly recommended experience, while you can see the mountains on the other side of the Colca River.

Canoeing in Colca

As far as nature is concerned there is also much to see. The Colca Valley is a generous panorama in beautiful landscapes; here you can practice different activities such as excursion, contemplation and photography. Also lovers of adventure will be pleased to know the Colca Canyon, owner of an extraordinary beauty, ideal for canoeing.